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The village of Yorkville was formed in 1853 as a middle-class suburb outside of Toronto proper, with Victorian mews housing, picturesque gardens, and quiet tree-lined streets. It has its own Town Hall and Coat of Arms until 1883, when it was annexed by quickly expanding Toronto.

Now a trendy shopping and dining area, many of the charms that have enabled Yorkville to thrive since the 1850s remain. The streets are lined with charming Victorian restorations, some converted into outdoor cafés, antique shops, art galleries, and designer boutiques.

Bloor Street West, at the southern edge of Yorkville, is Toronto’s premiere shopping street. Dubbed the “Mink Mile,” it is home to high-end designers like Chanel, Tiffany, Giorgio, and Hermes.

18 Yorkville

This 36-storey tower was designed by the Architects Alliance and is located at the north-west corner of Yorkville Avenue and Yonge Street.

Lee-Chin Crystal @ ROM

Woodsworth College Introduction

Woodsworth College is a new University of Toronto residence at the intersection of Bloor Street and St. George Street, the northern gateway to the historic St. George Campus. Students live in an air-conditioned suite-style residence with private single bedrooms. Each suite houses four to six residents, with two bathrooms, a shared kitchen and living area. Here are some photos from the 3rd and 16th floors.

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