Abu Dhabi Photo Gallery
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Having given up on the municipal bus that is scheduled to run every 40 minutes, the taxi ride to the mosque was long but not expensive at all. It is located a fair distance from the Corniche, but was bursting with tourists already in the early morning.

The mosque is huge, and is the largest in the world outside Saudi Arabia. It's not historical at all, having opened in 2008, but the sheer scale and lavish interiors are well-worth a visit. Over 40,000 people can worship here at the same time.

Women had to cover up in order to enter the mosque's courtyard and beyond.

The interior courtyard is huge, and the flooring is bound to get very slippery after an occasional rainfall.

Shoes off to enter the mosque's worship area.

The interior is intricately-decorated to the extreme.

Several chandeliers graced the domes.

Ironically, my last stop passed the washing area, which should have been the first.

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