Air Koryo Flight Report
Pyongyang - Shenyang

Good morning, Pyongyang! After several days of sunshine, I woke up to a cloudy day.

4 days after it began, our tour bus pulled into Pyongyang's airport for the flight out.

The new international terminal was not busy by any means. It was clean and tidy, probably because we were the only flight leaving. Notice all international flights were heading to China.

Immigration and security checks were pretty quick and uneventful. My camera was not searched for inappropriate photos and our hand luggage was not dissected for contraband. I soon emerged air-side, where there were some shops selling souvenirs just like any other international airport.

I feasted along the windows snapping away at some interesting hibernating birds. No security agents came to stop my party.

A snack cart came around and we were politely asked with a smile whether we were interested. Looks appetizing.

Then I noticed a Business Class lounge, which was not open this morning. The concept of a premium class looked odd in this country.

Soon, it was time to board and leave this beautiful, quiet airport.

There were a lot more interesting birds parked off the terminal.

Off we go! The climb wasn't as bumpy as the inbound.

This is the same type of newer Tupolev that I flew with into Pyongyang. Throughout the short journey, they played a variety show with lots of revolutionary music. Again, no commercials.

Soon enough, our shuttle flight landed in Shenyang, back in the same corner spot as before. The crew served with a modest smile. No surly faces here. Sure beats flying in the United States!

Meanwhile, some more plane spotting in Shenyang, and catching the Air Koryo plane head home not long after.

Consistent with the inbound flight, Air Koryo seems to be a misunderstood airline in the international community. Service was actually very decent for such a short flight. There is a drink, the crew smile at you, and the seats are comfortable with overhead TV entertainment. So where is the 1 star coming from?

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