Flight Report
AK 720 Singapore - Kuala Lumpur

Early ... Early Flight

I wanted to do a day trip to Kuala Lumpur to finish off my itinerary from the spring. So I took the earliest flight out of Singapore on AirAsia. I've flown with them on KL-SIN before, and was happy with what I got for the money I paid. It certainly was a little more serviced than the true no-frills players such as Ryanair.

Having barely missed the first train out of the city centre, I was rushing to the check-in area to make it before the check-in cutoff. To make things worse, the terminal was a people-mover ride away from the subway station.

Waiting to Take Off

We waited as a few planes passed beside us before taking off on our short shuttle flight to KL.

Singapore Skyline

We took off towards the southwest, then looped around at a 180-degree angle and entered Malaysia.

Quick Meal?

The flight attendants walked around with a meal offering ... at a price ... but after about 10-15 minutes at cruise, we started to descend into KL.

Budget Terminal

AirAsia uses the budget terminal at KLIA, which I absolutely hate using. It wasn't the simplicity of the facility that bothers me, but the fact that it is very far away from the main terminal and the express trains don't reach there. Even in Stansted, the express train is attached to the terminal building.

Long Walk

It was a very long walk to immigration. We had to loop around the building along a covered but external walkway. The summer heat was already alive and well even before 9am. It provided some spotting opportunities although not many planes were around.

Bus to KLIA

I was a bit shocked to find the bus to KLIA covered some 20km. I could clearly see KLIA's main terminal from the budget terminal. But the bus had to loop around the runway to get there, which accounted for the distance and lengthy bus ride. Luckily I clued in and grabbed some change for the bus.

Observation Area

The main terminal has an observation area. However, there weren't too many interesting planes to spot. Beside the IranAir jet, that was pretty much it. The budget terminal was in full view. Can't believe it took that long to get from there to here.

Disappointed ...

... it was time to head into town on the express train. At least these were very comfortable!

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