Alicante Photo Gallery

Timeline Euro Trip

Alicante is the last stop in my 2 week Iberian peninsula adventure. I had originally intended to stay in Valencia for an extra day but during my research, I noticed a Gibraltar-like rock in this city. Being small and compact, I budgeted a full day to explore and didn't worry it would be as intense as my previous few days in Andalusia and Barcelona. This would be a relaxing end to my vacation, arriving by train in a First Class seat and leaving by train back to Madrid for my flight home.

Alicante is well-connected to the rail network and its international airport has a surprisingly good reach thanks to budget airlines. I had originally planned to fly back to Madrid, which costed only 21 euros, but in the end gave up that ticket for the train, costing just shy of 24 euros.

Just like most of the other places in Spain that I had covered on this trip, blue skies were abundant. In fact, Alicante receives over 3000 hours of sun a year with mild winters being a major draw for fellow Europeans from the north.

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