Angkor Thom

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Leaving the Baphuon ...

A row of 12 identical towers line the east side of the royal square. However, it is uncertain what they were used for.

The Elephant Terrace stretches 300 m along the west side of the royal square. This was the place to watch royal receptions.

An entrance from the Elephant Terrace leads to the Phimeanakas, or the royal palace. Dating from as early as the late 10th century, the pyramid structure rises 3 levels of 12m each.

Being dry season, the ponds were a bit dried up.

The Leper King Terrace is carved with many mythological scenes. Some of these are hidden so you need to access the trench via a narrow entrance

Angkor is a historical attraction. This market next to the terrace is one of very few shopping areas in the whole archaeological park.

Gates such as this one mark the grand entrance into Angkor Thom.

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