Baekdo Photo Gallery

The guide book mentioned about cruises to Baekdo being highly popular on an outing to Geomundo. After some initial difficulties and language barrier problems, I found my way across the fishing village to find the cruise dock at the edge of town. You need to provide your name and phone number on a registration sheet when purchasing your ticket, presumably in case you get lost. However, visitors are not allowed to leave the boat for the cruise and you cannot land on the islands. Lucky I can swim.

Goodbye Geomundo! See you in a few hours!

This dock is for the ferries to Yeosu.

On the way out, we saw many small islands in the fairly calm seas.

We had quite a big group today. The front part of the boat is for sitting while the back part is flat and open for friends and families to gather and enjoy a nice breakfast together.

As the boat neared Baekdo, the guide started giving a lengthy explanation in Korean. This tour is not bilingual but is the only way to see this group of rocky islands.

Baekdo consists of a number of uninhabited rocky islets 30km east of Geomundo. A rough estimate is 100, which is what "baek" means, but officially it is 39.

These rocky islets look very small so it makes sense we can only tour by boat and not land on them.

We toured the northern islets first, then looped to the southern ones, making sure we got to see both front and back sides.

The seas were a bit more rough by now, so I held on tightly while trying to take as many photos as I could of the different islets.

The Korean guide spoke throughout the tour of the islets, and as we picked up speed to head back to Geomundo, the whole group waved good bye to this interesting place in the middle of the sea.

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