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Located just a short distance from the Grand Palace, the National Museum is a treasure trove for history, architecture, and royal fans.

The royal funeral chariots are lined outside along one of the buildings, decorated in typical gold colours.

Jim Thompson's House is a Thai-style residence. Home of an American entrepreneur / spy who disappeared in 1967, the house can only be accessed by frequent tours and golf carts take visitors to and from the main road near the Skytrain station.

The residence is a combination of 6 teak houses with some modifications over the years. For example, the drawing room wall was reversed so the carvings would face inside.

European architecture is plentiful in Bangrak district, where many foreigners once settled. It also has a great mix of local markets and vibrant streetscapes.

Assumption Cathedral

European-style architecture runs along the street towards the Oriental Pier, although they don't look like in good shape at all.

OP Place is a revitalized historic building that now serves as a high-end antique market.

I unexpectedly came across a vantage point in a neighbourhood parking lot. I later found out it was actually for the Mandarin Oriental next door.

The waterfront Fire Station is also in a fairly dipadilated, but not yet abandoned, state.

Ban Kamthieng was moved from Chiang Mai to Bangkok in the 1960's. The traditional Thai residence features exhibitions about rural life, which is a stark contrast to the skyscrapers and malls along the nearby Thanon Sukhumvit.

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