Bangkok Skytrain Views Photo Gallery

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The Skytrain runs on an elevated bridge above Thanon Sukhumvit, which provides good photography opportunities of both train and skyscrapers from the platform ends.

Here at Phrom Pong station, there is a huge construction site next door.

I had very little interest in shopping in an air-conditioned mall. The only reason why I visited the Emporium was to savour the view from its upper floors. I was not disappointed. The food court faced west towards the skyscrapers but if only they had cleaned the windows a bit more often ...

Luckily, the platform ends and sides offer unrestricted views of the surroundings. Bangkok has many interesting urban scenes to photograph from here.

Anyone thinking of going from Bangkok south to Singapore to connect back north to Hong Kong is utterly insane. Besides, plenty of 5th freedom carriers fly between Hong Kong and Bangkok direct for cheap.

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