Barcelona - Paris Flight Report Photo Gallery


Ryanair FR 9107
Date : 21 April 2005
Departure : Girona Barcelona GRO 2005
Arrival : Paris Beauvais BVA 2150
Flight Time : about 2 hours

Base Fare : EUR 14.99
Taxes, Fees, Charges : EUR 11.29
Insurance, Wheelchair Levy : EUR 3.28
Total : EUR 29.56

My friends and I flew to Barcelona from Brussels, and decided to fly back to Paris because the cheap fares to Brussels had disappeared while I could still find specials going to Paris. This worked perfectly since we had to fly home from Paris anyway, so it saved us another trip on the Thalys train had we flown back to Brussels instead.

Waiting at the Barcelona North bus station for the hour-long journey to Girona airport, Ryanair's Barcelona gateway.
Interestingly, I didn't see a single Iberia airplane here.
The flight time of about 2 hours was quite long given the Brussels - Barcelona flight was only an hour and a half and the distance is farther. Beauvais is another small airport, with only 2 baggage conveyer belts.

From Beauvais, it is an hour-long bus ride that goes to Porte Maillot in the western outskirts of Paris, where we took the Metro back to our hostel.

Ryanair's flight attendants are fast and efficient. They get their job done well. While there was neither free food nor entertainment, it was an endurable short flight. I shouldn't expect much more for the bargain price I paid, although I have seen 1 EUR base fares before on that route.

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