Flight Report
QF 513 Brisbane - Sydney

27 April 2008

Morning Departure

Like the inbound flight from Sydney, reward travel usually means bad departure times. I flew out of Brisbane on this Sunday morning, at the end of the ANZAC long weekend. Luckily, the airport is not far from the city centre. It was a short, brisk walk to the train station from my hotel and soon I was on my way to the airport. I actually can't find my boarding pass or flight records anymore, but I believe the flight was QF 513, departing around 0900.


We departed heading away from Brisbane, in the same way as the inbound flight but in reverse direction.

Turning 180 Degrees

We soon turned around and the airport became visible.

Brisbane Aerial

Simple Breakfast

We were provided a simple breakfast and drinks, along with a serviette that can be turned into a garbage bag.

Descent into Sydney

It was a nice day in Sydney as well, and my right side seat provided some great views as we descended.

Sydney Aerial

Unlike my previous flight into Sydney, this time we entered the city from the east side instead of the west in order to land from the south.

Service Summary

The flight was short, lasting an hour. Perhaps it was due to the long weekend, as the flight was full once again. I was a bit surprised that even a morning departure at the end of the holiday would still be so busy. Qantas' service wasn't particularly special. Not much to complain about, and nothing exceptional to praise either.

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