Bogota Photo Gallery

Fearful of drugs and crime, Colombia's capital is seeing a renaissance. However, the recommendation still is not to venture around the historic centre, La Candelaria, at night. The city is located at 2640m, so you may want to take it easy and rest more as you accustom to the altitude.

Simon Bolivar is a hero for many South American countries. His statue stands tall in the Parque de Los Periodistas.

A good way to get your bearings in La Candelaria is to join a walking tour. The graffiti tour is led by street artists and puts into perspective modern Colombia post the drug days. Safety in numbers is great. Once you are familiar and more confident wandering around the streets from the morning tour, venture out after lunch on your own.

The city centre doesn't seem very densely-packed, with gritty buildings amidst a relaxed atmosphere.

Uber is available in Bogota and was my preferred choice over taxis and the TransMilenio buses.

Although located near the Equator, Bogota's high altitude keeps its days cool even during the summer to around 20C. Pedestrian activity increases many fold on the Carrera 7 leading to Plaza de Bolivar.

The cathedral fronts the Plaza de Bolivar. The current building was built in 1823. Around the square are modern government buildings and a lot of police presence.

But behind it, La Candelaria's lowrise buildings take over the landscape quickly.

Monserrate is a great place to see the city. At 3152m, it is easily accessible by funicular.

The convent up here is also a pilgrimmage site. Plenty of souvenir and cafes line the summit. The decor wasn't too inviting though but they have plenty of windows with lovely views of the mountains.

North Bogota is a wealthy suburb and is considered a safe zone. Zona T is home to many restaurants and shops, offering a good base to explore the city.

Bogota is the typical entry point for international travellers to Colombia. It deserves a full day of sightseeing in the historic core, and another half day in a more relaxed safe suburb. However, there are plenty of other interesting places to see in the country, so don't allocate too much time here, but instead head to Medellin, the centre of drug violence just a few decades ago.

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