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Manneken Pis

Nobody actually knows why the manneken is there. He is believed to be nothing more than a decoration on top of a fountain, where people in the Middle-Ages came to get fresh water. Already in the 15th century a fountain called 'manneken-pis' existed in the Stoofstraat/Rue de l'?tuve. The official origin can be traced back to the 13th of August 1619 when the city ordered the sculptor Jerome Duquesnoy to make a new bronze statue of manneken-pis to replace an old and withered one. During the course of the centuries our little manneken has often been hidden to protect him against bombs of invading armies. He has also been stolen several times by plundering soldiers and even by the citizens of Geraardsbergen, a city in Flanders that claims to possess the oldest statue of a peeing boy in Belgium. The manneken-pis is very often dressed. At the moment he has a wardrobe of more than 600 costumes, which are all preserved in the King's House, or City Museum at the Grand Place.

Street Scenes

Eglise Sainte-Catherine

Taking up most of the Vism?t (Fish Market), Saint Catherine's Church was designed in 1854 by Joseph Poelaert, who also designed Brussels' Palais de Justice. The church still has the tower from the original 17th century church, which was actually part of the town's first fortified enclosure.


Around the City Centre

Place des Matryrs


Brussels @ Night

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