Brussels South Photo Gallery

Street Scenes

Palais de Justice

Although this gigantic edifice does not really belong to the Sablon, it nevertheless dominates the area. It was built between 1860 and 1880 by Joseph POELAERT in eclectic style. It is believed to be the biggest building constructed in the 19th century in the world.

The palace of justice is situated on top of "gallows hill". At 105 m high with a total surface of 24,000 square meters, it still functions as the supreme court of law for Belgium.

Rue de la Regence

Royal Square

The royal square lies at the Koudenberg/Coudenberg, a natural hill at the edge of the medieval city center. Here, the duke of Brabant had a castle built in the 11th century. His successors left the city of Leuven, which had been the old capital of the dukedom and chose the castle in Brussels as their permanent residence. In the course of the following centuries, the dukes of Burgundy and, later, the Habsburg kings and emperors all adapted the castle to their needs and wishes. Between 1452 and 1459 Philip the Good of Burgundy had the Magna Aula constructed. This hall was meant for the many meetings of the Council of Brabant and other festivities. By the 16th century, the palace had become one of the most impressive and picturesque royal residences in Europe. It also had a magnificent garden, which is now the royal park.

Eglise de la Chapelle

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