Changchun Photo Gallery - Public Transport

Changchun is on a metro building spree, with over $11 billion in projects approved for 8 lines. The current system consists of 2 lines, with Line 2 having just opened in August 2018. It connects Changchun West Railway station, where high-speed trains from Beijing and Harbin stop.

However, trains don't run too frequently, roughly every 10 minutes during off-peak hours. Countdown clocks are prominently displayed at the concourse level as well so passengers can better plan their journeys.

Fares start at 2 yuan, and the ticket machines even accept smaller notes, such as 1 and 5 yuan.

To keep the winter cold out, heavy fabric covers all exits in addition to the glass doors.

Line 1 runs north-south, connecting with Changchun Railway Station, also a hub for high-speed trains.

With both major railway stations connected to the high-speed network, there is a preference for Changchun West for trains to Beijing and Harbin due to more frequencies. Here is Changchun Railway Station at the northern end of the city centre.

In addition to 2 metro lines, there are also 2 light rail lines but they are not integrated, thus requiring a separate fare.

2 tram lines also run in the western part of the city, away from the typical tourist areas. Previously using historic carriages, the rolling stock has been modernized and is a bargain at 1 yuan per ride.

While the railway network is sufficient for visiting tourist attractions, buses complement the rest.

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