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Located in the middle of the 5 towns, it is perched on top of a big cliff, and the 300+ step hike from the train station is already great exercise!

The sun breaks out looking north.

Manarola is the next town south. It's not perched as high up the cliff but nevertheless appears suspended from the sea.

Imagine looking out your window to see the cliff and the sea every morning.

The railway station is a considerable hike downhill, although there is a set of nicely-paved stairs to help. A shuttle also runs during the day, but shuts down fairly early at night, so bring your hiking shoes.

The main coastal trails were closed due to prior days' rains, but the mountain trails were still open. I would've thought those would be even more dangerous following heavy precipitation, but the tourist board only charged for the coastal trail, so probably weren't so concerned about the others. The great detour up the mountains begins!

The trails were nothing more than a few stones in the mud along a gradient. The first few hundred metres weren't so bad since it didn't slope up too much, but we soon found out the steeper sections were very trecherous. The views were great to compensate.

Manarola's setting is quite stunning from the top of this hill.

Terraced farming is quite popular along Cinque Terre's hillsides, and they are very extensive. They claim it's the 2nd longest in the world after the Great Wall.

The clouds rolled back in after about 3 hours of hiking.

The steps going downhill into Manarola were more organized than the way up from Corniglia, but it was still tiring to slowly descend back to the coast.

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