Cotswolds Photo Gallery - Bibury

Step back in time at the Cotswolds, a large area covering 5 counties that showcases rolling countryside, honey-coloured stone buildings, and quaint villages. This part of England is best explored by car. I did a day trip covering a number of small towns, which are a short drive away.

From Heathrow to Bibury : 70 miles

Bibury has been named "the most beautiful village in England". Unsurprisingly, parking is difficult here although I found a space on a side street near St. Mary's Church, which dates from the 12th century with a 15th century timber roof.

Arlington Row is a group of late 14th century buildings that has become a photography hotspot. They were originally used to store wool but later converted into worker's dormitories.

The same honey-coloured stone can be seen in other buildings throughout this small town.

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Wallpaper is derived from the Bank of England's website