Cotswolds Photo Gallery - Burford

Step back in time at the Cotswolds, a large area covering 5 counties that showcases rolling countryside, honey-coloured stone buildings, and quaint villages. This part of England is best explored by car. I did a day trip covering a number of small towns, which are a short drive away.

From Bibury to Burford : 10 miles

Burford offers free parking just off Church Lane, a short walk from High Street. Just across the river from the parking lot is St. John the Baptist, which includes a mix of different periods' styles from the Normans to Gothic. Next door are the Warwick almshouses.

The medieval town's High Street is no longer lined with inns but is now a shopping district. It slopes downwards, offering interesting vistas of this charming town from either end.

The Mermaid is an 18th century traditional pub.

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Wallpaper is derived from the Bank of England's website