Flight Report : CX 410 Hong Kong - Seoul Incheon

I have a long history of taking this flight to Seoul going back to 2007, but this time I am bumped to the back of the plane in cattle class. Nevertheless, the views on this trip were the best and not having a feast for a short flight wasn't such a big deal.

But first, some plane spotting.

I was a bit surprised at the seat map when I checked in online. Today's flight would be on a 747, which is used for regional runs these days and are slowly being retired from Cathay's fleet. I secured a wider seat at the back of the plane where the configuration narrows from 3 to 2 seats. This is my favourite spot on the 747's economy class.

Looks like they are putting on finishing touches to the new satellite terminal. Unlike the north satellite that is not connected to the main building and requires an annoying bus ride, this new building will be connected by the people mover.

I was a bit surprised the repair stage has been set outdoors. Although the passenger 747's are going, the cargo ones will continue to fly.

Off we go. The airport island is changing rapidly with the new bridge to Macau under construction. Reclamation is under way and the new bridge pillars are clearly visible.

We flew a bit too close to Hong Kong Island to get decent views of the skyline. I have noticed this on the past few flights so next time I will get a left window seat.

Soon, Taiwan's coastline emerged. They were enjoying a nice day as well, and having clouds hover around the mountains was a beautiful sight.

Breakfast is served. I opted for a lighter congee. The size is appropriate with bread, yogurt, and fruits on the side. This isn't the multi-course feast in Business Class that I enjoyed 3 times before, but I need to re-set my expectations being at the back of the plane.

I couldn't see Taipei today, and we headed across the blue, blue ocean after passing what appears to be Keelung in these photos. Seems my right window seat wasn't giving me much luck today.

My luck would turn on approach to Korea's west coast. I would be somewhere in these islands tomorrow.

With the flight path veering offshore and across the ocean, we could avoid the various air traffic control delays in Chinese airspace.

I was in for a treat. The skies were clear and the changing landscape was stunning. The sun was behind us so the lighting was just right. Glad that I picked a right window.

The flight path was a bit odd. We flew very near Incheon Airport before looping back out into the ocean and descending. I saw a plane took off towards us but at a much lower altitude. I guess they were changing landing directions.

No sure why the sea looks partially muddy? Maybe it is low tide?

Songdo is a new development zone near Incheon, quite a distance from Seoul but reachable by subway. I had a walking tour a few years back and it was great to recognize the buildings again from the air.

This is probably my last time on a Cathay 747. I used to look for the 747 and planned my travel time around its schedule, but with less and less flights, I was delighted with this pleasant surprise.

A not-so-frequent train connects the satellite terminal to immigration at Incheon. The airport is well-maintained but I wish the trains come more often. There were long lines at immigration but didn't take too long to clear. I made it out with plenty of time to spare before my train towards the southern coast is due to leave.

It was pretty much an empty train for the hour-long ride into Yongsan, where pretty much all the seats got filled up.

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