Flight Reports : CX411 Seoul Incheon - Hong Kong

16 October 2010

I prefer this afternoon flight since I still had time to run through a short itinerary in the morning and enjoy lunch before heading to the airport. By the time I get home, it was time for dinner.

Today's flight would depart from the new satellite terminal, which requires a train ride from the main terminal. Before the train ride, I did some plane spotting. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of variety though.

The trains don't run sufficiently frequently, and it was a fairly long wait before one arrived for the quick trip to the satellite terminal.

New Satellite Terminal

The satellite terminal is very well done. It was nothing fancy, but the simplicity makes it elegant and easy to use. I'm not surprise Incheon is topping best airport rankings.

It wasn't a busy day at all. Many of the parking stands lay empty.

Nice of them to provide a weather forecast for the destination.

27 April 2009
Afternoon Departure

After a fun-filled 3-week stay in Korea, it was time to head home on an afternoon flight, hoping the weather would be good in Hong Kong to capture some aerial landing shots. To save cost, I took the airport bus. Taking the train would be too cumbersome and involve a train change.

Observation Area

I had never ventured to the observation area for plane spotting before. I didn't know about this space actually. I saw a sign and headed up for a look.

Satellite Terminal

My flight would depart from the newly-opened satellite terminal, which requires a train ride from the main building. There was some shopping as expected, but the building itself was sleek and modern. Its simplicity adds to the good impression.


As expected, we skirted the western coast of South Korea. It wasn't the most direct route to Hong Kong.

Lunch is Served

Notice the trays have gotten smaller. Now they use a plastic grip tray that keeps the contents where they are. It's like a rubber surface when you touch it.

Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day in Hong Kong. I was hoping to capture some aerial shots as we landed!

We were parked at the end of the southern portion of the terminal. It wasn't a long walk to immigration, so I took my time to capture some photos from a slightly lower perspective than usual.

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