Flight Report :
CX 903 Hong Kong - Manila

Plane Spotting Yet Again

With another afternoon departure, I had some time to catch some plane spotting under the sunny skies.

Washing the engines ...


I had spotted the A380 from the other side of the terminal. My goal was to take a few photos of this giant up-close before heading to my flight on the other side of the Y-shaped terminal.

The signs have changed once again. The red background was new already, and now we get some satellite gate numbers as well!

At the back ...

I purposedly chose a seat at the back where the row of 3 becomes a row of 2. The 777 was configured a bit differently from the 747. The extra room rows at the back were far fewer in number.

We were ready to take off!

We flew above the harbour and headed east. Here is a view of the top of the old Kai Tak Airport.

This route's catering is the worst from my experiences with Cathay. It was a bit hard to believe a premium airline would serve such a disgusting-looking piece of food to customers. I recall even the Taipei route, which was shorter than the flight to Manila, had a dish, albeit there was no choice of entree. Luckily, I had lunch beforehand.

Sunset Over the South China Sea

As afternoon drew to a close, the moon rose, and the colours changed. We would arrive in Manila after dark. However, due to changing winds and a rainstorm over the airport, we ended up making a number of turns southwest of the city for about 30 minutes. I saw a few airplanes outside probably doing the same thing, waiting for the weather to turn. Being at the back, the bumps felt even more unnerving. Luckily, the captain made a stream of announcements to update us on the delay. We eventually landed from the east.

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