Washington DC Photo Gallery - Georgetown

Located west of the National Mall, Georgetown is the city's oldest neighbourhood, full of quiet side streets of simple but elegant homes.

After crossing the bridge from Rosslyn, the Forrest-Marbury House is historically significant as George Washington ate dinner here in 1791 and asked landowners to sell in order to create the capital city. It is now the Ukrainian embassy.

The Key Bridge crosses the Potomac with lovely views of Watergate and Georgetown University along the way.

Built in 1788, Prospect House once hosted President John Adams and Harry Truman. The Georgian-style mansion has a nice view of the Potomac River on its back side.

Georgetown University was founded in 1789 as the country's first Catholic and Jesuit university. The architectural landmark is the Healy Building, a Romanesque stone structure named after the first black university president to head a majority white university.

Unfortunately, not all university buildings were as stunning.

Part of the fun is to immerse into the sidestreets for a random walk. This neighbourhood is quiet with lots of historic homes.

Dumbarton House was completed in 1805 and is an example of Federal-period architecture, which features symmetrical rooms around a large hall. Unfortunately, it is closed to visitors for the entire month of January.

The middle house that has only 1 window is the narrowest residence in the city. It was purchased by John West in 2008 for $535,000.

Mount Zion United Nethodist Church is the city's first black congregation with a history of over 200 years.

The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal has been drained for repairs and restoration between 2016-8. The canal was once used to transport coal, lumber, and agricultural products along the Potomac from the 19th to early 20th century.

Georgetown is not served by the metro, but it is possible to either walk north across the Key Bridge from Rosslyn station or walk west from Foggy Bottom station. Alternatively, the DC Circulator's blue line bus connects Rosslyn and Dupont Circle stations with the district at frequent intervals.

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