Delos Photo Gallery

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Ferries depart several times a day from Mykonos for the short ride to Delos, a religious sanctuary featuring many Greek myths. Start out early as this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a popular day trip and there is no shade at all on the island to shield from the sun.

Delos was once a thriving port of 30,000 people, but was destroyed in 88 BC.

With many cruise passengers making a stop here, I hopped from landmark to landmark eavesdropping on the guide's explanations. It is hard to visualize the splendor that once marked this port city.

The Lion Terrace's statues were made from Naxian marble in the 7th century BC. 1 of the lions was taken to Venice and some have disappeared without a trace. 5 were sent to the museum for restoration and replicas now stand in their place. The Sacred Lake that used to be next door has since dried up.

It is not a very painful hike uphill at Mount Kinthos for a panoramic view of the island.

Floor mosaics have been preserved even though the walls and roofs have long failed the test of time.

Return to where you came from for the boat back to Mykonos. Overnight stays are not allowed here so everyone must clear out using the limited boat services.

Be sure to visit the small museum. Besides this, facilities are very limited on the island.

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