Flight Report : Paris - Porto

Vol de Cable

My early morning flight for Porto was scheduled to depart at 7:50. However, I opted to get to the airport bright and early hoping to do some plane spotting. I was already at the train station over 2 hours before departure time for the RER service to Charles de Gaulle. Unfortunately, the train never came. On suspicion of thieves having stolen some cable, all RER B train service was suspended, and after a wait of about an hour, I called it quits and frantically scrambled for a cab. 55 euros later, I reached Charles de Gaulle at 7:10 with 40 minutes to spare.

Since I had checked-in online and only had cabin baggage, I headed straight for the security check and soon I was ready to fly. It appears easyJet has exclusive use of a section of Terminal 2B, as all the gates were for easyJet flights.

Boarding was timely and it was a full flight. The agents looked for excessive cabin baggage selectively at the gate but the line of passengers generally moved smoothly.

It was a cloudy morning in Paris and the clouds stuck during take-off.

Typical of low-cost carriers, all food costs money, and their in-flight magazine shows plenty of choices.

The clouds magically disappeared as we neared Porto.

The approach was parallel to the Atlantic coastline and it was a beautiful day.

The plane parked on the tarmac and soon stairs were brought to both the front and back doors. The whole vicinity was for low-cost carriers and both incoming and departing passengers would walk between the plane and the terminal.

Porto's terminal building is quite new although it was a long walk to the exit. The light rail network connects the airport with the city centre directly in 20 minutes. The trains are new and are a great bargain compared to the expensive, dirty, and non-functioning Paris RER B.

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