Flight Report : FR 4584
Porto - Barcelona

The 25 euro plane ticket came with another price - a taxi ride to the airport since at that hour, the metro has not yet started service for the day. Ironically, the taxi ride costed a little more than the plane ticket, although it was only a 15-minute journey on deserted roads from the city centre.

Porto's airport is quite new, and easy to use. The Portuguese carrier was parked at the gate. I doubted my Ryanair flight would enjoy such convenience.

Gates for the discount carriers were off to one side and downstairs from the rest of the terminal. It was a very busy morning already here as several Ryanair flights were ready for boarding. After clearing the boarding pass and hand carry checks, we stood outside along the edge of the terminal building awaiting final clearance to head to the aircraft.

It was a fairly chilly morning. Luckily, the sun was emerging and the wait was not too long.

With a full flight, we were soon ready for the 2-hour flight to Barcelona.

After 2 days of beautiful weather in Porto, the forecast was more unfortunate for Barcelona. Clouds rolled in as we headed east.

Meal cards were distributed along with the Ryanair in-flight magazine. With no seat pockets, many eventually ended up scattered across the cabin floor.

The clouds began to break a little during the approach into Barcelona, although it was still a cloudy day.

We headed out into the Mediterranean, then made a 180-degree turn to land from the east. I wished I had a window seat on the right side, which offered city views.

The trumpet music sounded, and it was another on-time Ryanair flight.

Barcelona's 2 terminals are on opposite ends of the airport. Ryanair uses the older terminal 2, and the plane parked at the far end this morning. While it was a long walk out to the but the airport bus ride made up for the time lost. I was in the heart of the city within 20 minutes.

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