Flight Report : FR 5584
Seville - Frankfurt Hahn

Having just missed the bus, I was surprised it would take 30 minutes during the late afternoon for the next one to come. However, the taxi ride to the airport was not too expensive at around 20 euros. The airport design easily reveals its age, although the colours and reasonable lighting make it look classically beautiful. Once past immigration, it got a lot darker though.

This should be the plane to Frankfurt today.

Boarding began at the terminal, through a long air bridge and then down the stairs. We were stuck on the air bridge for some time as the crowds were separated into sections for easier boarding. However, it was quite hot and stuffy inside the bridge. Ryanair's boarding process seems to have deteriorated a lot in recent years, coinciding with their priority boarding promotions.

We actually left Seville about a half hour early. I don't think I've ever had such an early departure with Ryanair.

We were scheduled to arrive at around 9:30pm, so I expected to see the sunset en route.

There was quite a lot of selection on this menu, but the actual availability on the plane was quite limited. I was planning to get some food upon landing.

Frankfurt Hahn is a major Ryanair base, and is a long 1h45 min bus ride from the city. Despite having arrived early, the bus did not decide to match our early arrival. I waited over an hour for the bus to come on time. I should not have gotten so excited about our early departure from Seville. But then, the pretzel vendor was nice enough to give a buy one get one free special!

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