Flight Report : LH 4738 Frankfurt - London Heathrow

Lufthansa AG : LH 4738
Frankfurt - Geneva
Departure Time : 24 April 2005 @ 1715
Expected Arrival : 1750 Flight Time : about 1 hour

Frankfurt's weather was pretty good that day. However, dark clouds moved in later in the afternoon just as I boarded my flight for London.

Right : Lufthansa's sandwiches are not bad. There is a lot of cheese and the ham was OK.

The English Countryside

One of my biggest disappointments was the flight approach to Heathrow. We didn't fly over central London from the east. Instead, I think we flew away from London and made a 180-degree turn to land from the west. I thought the flight path over central London was quite popular and I purposedly booked a window seat to take advantage of the view.

Taxing to Terminal 1 @ Heathrow

Overall Thoughts
Lufthansa's service is quite consistent. Sandwiches and drinks are standard for the intra-European flights, and the flight attendants are very courteous. I especially liked Frankfurt airport. Free newspapers are abundant throughout the Lufthansa gates. I helped myself to a number of English papers. There were a lot of German papers as well. Too bad there wasn't much entertainment on board. Although the flight was short, I wanted to see a map of the flight path and where we were.

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