Fukuoka Photo Gallery - City Scenes I

Fukuoka was once Japan's gateway to Asia. Today, it is a modern metropolis of some 1.5 million people. Pockets of heritage remain. Shofukuji is Japan's first Zen Buddhist temple. The temple's founder also introduced tea to Japan, planting the first tea bushes on the temple's grounds.

Kushida Shrine is Fukuoka's oldest, believed to have been founded in the 8th century. The current structure dates back to the late 16th century. Visitors come here to pray for longevity and business success.

Having set out quite early, many shops along this pedestrian arcade were still closed when I arrived.

Nakasu is an island in the heart of Fukuoka's shopping and office districts. At night, it becomes an outdoor eating destination, with numerous street stalls offering all sorts of great food.

ACROS is a cultural centre with a terraced garden on one side facing Tenjin Central Park. Lots of shrubs and tall trees line the staircases and passages, making it feel like a forest in the city. While the top part is only open on weekends, the views from the terrace are still very good.

Ohorikoen is a large park with a central lake. I wasn't planning to spend much time here, but only pass-through on the way to the castle.

Fukuoka Castle was originally completed in 1608 after 7 years of consruction. Although not much is left today, visitors can still find nice views of the city on top of an observatory tower.

Gokoku Shrine

Heading back to the subway station, I pass through lots of greenery and a few examples of traditional architecture.

A 1-day subway pass costs only 600 yen, which will easily pay off after a day of sightseeing.