Fukuoka Photo Gallery - City Scenes II

Fukuoka's street scenes are not particularly interesting. Like many Japanese cities, the architecture is predominantely utilitarian, with many lowrises. Fukuoka is not very crowded at all, and feels more laid-back than other major cities in Kansai and east.

Fukuoka City Museum is partially closed due to renovations. What's left on display highlights the city's interactions with the outside world.

Seaside Momochi is a reclaimed new district with cultural and commercial facilities. Fukuoka Tower has an observation deck at 123m high.

Looking east is the old part of town - Hakata lies in the background.

Looking south, Fukuoka is surrounded by mountains.

A vast ocean lies to the north. Busan, South Korea, is a 3-hour ferry ride away.

The west side of the city turns into wilderness quite quickly, and looks quite residential. I wouldn't mind looking at the ocean from the comfort of my apartment window.

As the elevator headed back to ground level, I couldn't help but notice this tower is actually hollow inside.

Atago Shrine is worshipped for extinguishing fire, improving luck, longevity, and business success. The view of Fukuoka from this hilltop shrine is spectacular, although the entrance is a bit secluded.

As day turns into night, try out some street eats at the yatai stalls. You can find these at random street corners in Tenjin and Nakasu.