Fukuoka Photo Gallery - Dazaifu

Dazaifu was once the Kyushu government centre and was established some 1300 years ago. Now, it is a small city just outside Fukuoka, easily accessible by a 30-minute train ride.

Umegae-mochi is a local rice cake that was believed to ward off sickness. Expect to pay 100 yen each.

Komyozenji is a small temple just off the pedestrianized shopping street and features a lovely Zen garden.

Dazaifu is a small city with quiet, narrow streets. Further up this street is the Kyushu National Museum, which showcases Japan's cultural exchange with the rest of Asia.

Tenmangu dates from the 10th century and is favoured by students wishing for good luck on their examinations. In 909, a prominent scholar was exiled and died here, and a shrine was built in his memory.

After a 20-minute walk from the pedestrian shopping street, I reached Kanzeonji, a temple whose history dates from the 8th century. During Dazaifu's prime days, this was the region's most important temple. However, many of the buildings were lost over time.

From Nishitetsu's Tenjin station, take a train to Futsukaichi station (15 minutes) and change to a local train to Dazaifu (5 minutes).