Flight Report : LH 3665 Geneva - Frankfurt

Lufthansa AG : LH 3665
Geneva - Frankfurt
Departure Time : 24 April 2005 @ 1320
Flight Time : about 1 hour
Equipment : Boeing 737

Geneva International Airport

Geneva's international airport is only 6 minutes from the downtown Place Cornavin hub by train. The Western part of Switzerland is French-speaking, but as an international city and 2nd UN hub after New York, people know English well also.

I arrived at the airport early after a rainstorm hit Geneva. I requested to be placed on an earlier flight to Frankfurt, which was accepted as that flight was not full.

Geneva's airport is small, but easy to navigate. There is a free observation deck (labelled a public terrase) that offers a nice view of the whole airport.

Lufthansa's flight attendants are very young. They are very courteous and are always smiling. Even for this short flight, we received sandwiches and complementary drinks.


A Bumpy Descent into Frankfurt

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