Geomundo Photo Gallery

Ferries from Yeosu take 2.5 hours to Geomundo. There weren't any foreign tourists at the ferry terminal today, so I was quite glad and surprised to find the ticket agents spoke some English and got me on my way.

The ferry was a bit old with dirty windows and a very smelly bathroom. There was a snack shop on board and a water machine next to it so you can fill up for the long hikes upon arrival.

Geomundo is a world away from Yeosu. We docked at a quiet fishing village. The hikers on the ferry were all set with their gear and set out soon after arriving. Meanwhile, I was looking for the cruise to Baekdo, which didn't depart from the same dock.

After asking around for a bit and worried I would miss the 10am cruise, I was told to head across town, presumably where the hiking troupe was going. There was another dock by the bridge.

The town isn't that big, taking only about 10 minutes to reach the end.

With ample sun, everyone was stacking their fish outside to dry today.

I walked around town looking for the colonial cemetery. The British landed here in 1885 and eventually perished. But I was out of luck.

A small path led uphill to a decent vantage point.

I was a bit surprised nobody was enjoying a good meal by the sea today.

Meanwhile, for my own lunch, I walked into a restaurant with many patrons, scanned, and pointed at what they were eating. They don't speak any English at all, but I managed just fine.

After the energy infusion, I set out to cross the bridge for the hike to the lighthouse.

I didn't find many hikers on the route, which was a bit worrying at first. But the cute poster of imminent danger soothed my tensions.

After heading a bit uphill and being sunburnt by the autumn noon, I stopped to admire the beauty of the fishing village I just left.

I headed uphill for a bit more, then downhill for a long time. This didn't seem right - was the 1km done already and the lighthouse was by the sea below? After a while, I came upon a friendly ranger and a staircase leading to the rocks and another hill beyond.

It was quite warm for late September so I was puffing a bit heading uphill once again. Good that it was shaded most of the way with an occasional opening for some views.

I was happy to see the lighthouse! It was a tiring hike under the intense sun. I didn't want to think I had to go back the same way to return to town though.

I took a break in the shaded pavilion overlooking the sea. There were some Korean hikers there resting and one of them gave me a mandarin orange for a taste. It must have been locally-grown - it was delicious!

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