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The Alhambra runs a strict quota system to limit the number of visitors to certain parts of the massive complex. Having heard stories of much time wasted in long lines, I opted to pay a little extra to get an online ticket, guaranteeing my entry into the restricted sections. Luckily, as I visited on a weekday, the crowds were thin upon my arrival just before opening time. There was no line for the automatic ticketing machines where I retrieved my ticket with my credit card in seconds.

My first stop was Generalife, a small palace but covered with very lush and leafy gardens.

The rest of the Alhambra sat on the other side.

The Palacio de Abencerrajes is now an archaeological area.

The Nasrid Palaces have strict entry requirements to limit the number of visitors inside. The Muslim influence is quite evident. It seemed I had ventured into the Middle East.

After examining the intricately-decorated interiors, the palace opens up to a courtyard, the Patio de los Arrayanes, which features a reflective pool.

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