West Guangxi Photo Gallery

Detian Waterfalls straddles along the Vietnamese border and is the 4th largest transnational falls in the world. The 70m-drop is separated into several tiers and the falls is some 200m wide.

Bamboo boats depart from the Chinese side for an up-close view of the falls.

Part of the falls is solely on the Vietnamese side. These ones can only be viewed from a distance.

Vietnamese merchants sell various goods on their bamboo rafts along the river. They cross the maritime boundary and can even dock on the Chinese side, but they're not allowed to go onshore. I didn't see any border guards in the area to enforce the boundary.

On this side of the river, you see the Chinese boundary marker. Across on the other side is the Vietnamese one.

A short walk from the top of the falls is the land border. Again, there are no border guards. A bustling market extends along both sides of the border.

On the Vietnamese side, you can purchase Vietnamese money, candy, and cigarettes. The selection seems to be the same acoss all the stores though. I couldn't believe I have stepped onto Vietnamese soil without a visa!

Notice the market is exclusively on the Vietnamese side of the border. The Chinese market is behind the trees in the background and doesn't actually front the border itself.

The layout of the Chinese market is more organized, with a wide paved sidewalk. I wasn't particularly interested in the wares either.

As we leave the market on the Chinese side, various lookout points emerged to fully appreciate the scale of this waterfall.

Once again, this is the Vietnamese part of the falls.

This part of Guangxi is sparsely populated, and with good reason. There are a lot of mountains and transport is reliant on narrow but well-paved roads.

Heishui River