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Hamilton Photo Gallery - Waterfront

A long walk along James Street North from downtown but only a short bus ride away is Hamilton's waterfront. While the steelworks dominate the coastline near the QEW, this section called West Harbour is a huge public space with a marina and a historic warship museum.

Pier 8 was transformed into a waterfront park with art installations, a playground, beach, and performance areas. Copps Pier Park was named after the Copps family for their work in improving water quality and giving public access to the waterfront. Construction finished in 2022.

HMCS Haida served during World War II, the Korean War, and the Cold War. Known as the country's "most fightingest ship", it was the last of 27 tribal class destroyers in the world. This type of destroyer was based on a British design and built for the Australian, Canadian, and British navies. 13 were sunk during World War II and 13 were scrapped after the war, leaving HMCS Haida being the only one left. Unfortunately, it was closed for the season so I coudn't board and explore the interiors.

To appreciate the size of the park and the industrial works next to it, I sent the drone up for wider views.

The city plans to transform this stretch of waterfont into a new community which will add $9 million in taxes every year. Development will span 15-20 years and include a 45-sorey condo tower, the tallest building in the city.

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