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Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Exposition

While the Ice and Snow World is best at sunset and at night, Sun Island's other winter festival, the International Snow Sculpture Art Exposition, is best visited during the daytime. You can link the two together by first visiting the snow sculptures, then head across to the other side of the island for the ice sculptures later in the day.

The snow sculptures are less busy as the crowds are spread out throughout the day. You can either take the cable car that spans across the Songhua or walk across the frozen river from the city centre. After paying a hefty 330 RMB, you emerge in corridors of snow sculptures scattered throughout the vast park. Free shuttles take you around when your legs can't handle the walk anymore.

It takes a large group of artists to create these huge sculptures. Here they are hard at work, carving out a staircase to start.

To visit the Ice and Snow World afterwards, take the park shuttles to the bridge on the west side of the park. Behind the bridge is the parking lot with the Sun Island welcome arch. White vans charge a minimal amount to take you to the main road, an incredibly long walk in the cold that is not worth the effort. The other festival is across the street and a block to the north. You will easily spot the lit-up ice sculptures from the street already.

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