Helsinki - London Gatwick Flight Report

EZY 8968

Departure : 28 May 2009
Scheduled Arrival : 1350

Helsinki's airport is not far from town. This sure beats the long journey to Luton and Stansted from Central London. I decided to go with easyJet rather than to take 2 hours to get to Tampere to fly Ryanair, and this flight gets me to Gatwick, which was still a reasonable distance from town.

The airport terminal looks quite classic. However, easyJet decided to make life difficult by using a very small end of the terminal aisle to do check-in, and with so few counters, the lines stretched quite far out.

There is also a newer terminal attached to the older facility. It looks very modern with the typical glass everywhere.

I had high expectations for plane spotting. I was hoping to see a sea of Finnair. But Air Berlin is also great!

The inbound flight was a little late, so we had a slight delay for boarding.

Although I wasn't anywhere near the front of the line, I did secure a window seat in the end.

This was my first time riding an easyJet flight with overhead TV. The airshow greatly enhanced the experience. Now I could pinpoint where my photos depict!

Well ... the unsurprising clouds over England.

I was very excited to be back on the bridge to do some more plane spotting.

Wallpaper Source : easyJet

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