Hengchun Photo Gallery

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Named after its year-round warm weather, Hengchun is a major transport hub on Taiwan's southern end, and a good stop en route from Kaohsiung to Kenting to explore its historic attractions for a few hours before hitting the beaches. Kenting's town is only 10km away.

Hengchun's old city was built during the Qing Dynasty in the 1870s and the city wall is mostly preserved, stretching 2.7km long with gates in the 4 directions.

It is possible to climb the East Gate and walk along the walls for a grand view.

In the old days, visitors would traverse the mountains from the north and enter the old town through the North Gate.

The West Gate actually faces north northwest, which was rumoured to be because of feng shui reasons, although the real reason has never been found.

The main shopping street was fairly quiet although shops were mostly open. The buildings are gritty but there are many interesting shops to explore, such as this one serving a local specialty dessert - minced sweet mung bean in ice. It is so minced up I had thought it was garlic.

The southern gate looks a bit more imposing with traffic running around it.

The rest of its old town is quiet, with few tourists and seemingly the locals are not out either.

After a short break here, it was back to the old bus station to wait for the next service to Kenting. There are public washrooms here as well as a tourist information centre next door. Actually, the southbound buses do not pull up here, but board from across the street. Easycard is accepted on board, including the long-distance ones to Kaohsiung.