Occupy Central 2014

About the Umbrella Movement

The Occupy Central civil disobedience protest began on September 28, 2014 to voice out against restrictions to universal suffrage being proposed. While originally meant to paralyze the financial district, spillover protests appeared in many parts of the city. The main protest camp was outside the government headquarters in Admiralty.

Normally, this is the main thoroughfare with trams, buses, and other cars moving about.

Protest banners came in many original and unique forms, with this one incorporating an artistic flavour.

The Lennon Wall consisted of hundreds of post-it notes of people's thoughts, which were plentiful indeed.

Busy streets were turned into campsites as protesters stayed 24 hours a day.

Student protesters were well-organized and had sufficient supplies for a long stay. Help yourself to some biscuits.

The protest camp also had some religious affiliations. I wanted to photograph the Chinese temple in the Mongkok protest camp but it got dismantled before I had a chance to see it.

The public toilet at the government headquarters was transformed into a family's bathroom. There were plenty of supplies to keep everyone well-groomed throughout the long journey.

The umbrella became a symbol of the protest. They were useful in repelling the police's pepper spray attacks. Protesters played skits on-site to demonstrate how they can be used as a protective shield.

The atmosphere changed drastically across the harbour in Mongkok, where there were violent scuffles along parts of bustling Nathan Road that were shut off to traffic. Many families were out enjoying the new pedestrian zone.

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