Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car and Buddha

The 5.7km Ngong Ping Cable Car opened in September 2006. Costing HKD $1 billion to construct, the concept was first floated in 1998 and the project included importing 6 mules from Canada to help transport construction materials.

The cable car makes a turn at the edge of the airport island.

At low tide, many people were out in the muddy seabed hunting for creatures.

Reclamation for the 3rd runway is well under way.

The 20 minute ride is filled with scenic views along the way as you rise from Tung Chung towards Ngong Ping.

It is also possible to hike the route as an emergency service path, now also a hiking trail, was constructed as part of this project.

At the top end of the cable car, you will pass through Ngong Ping Village towards the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery, the main attractions that prompted this cable car's construction.

Lantau is mostly undeveloped although there are plans to improve its tourism infrastructre. An extension of the cable car to Tai O has been proposed.

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