Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Aberdeen Part 2

As the fishing industry declined, many fishermen resettled onshore instead. Yue Kwong Chuen was built in the 1960s to provide low-cost rental homes to these boat people. The 5 buildings are arranged in the shape of a boat along a slope, with artistic ornaments to improve lighting and ventilation.

While Aberdeen has housing, industrial buildings, fish market, and a typhoon shelter, not a long walk is a short hike up Brick Hill with a sunset view.

Start off with a shrine visit, then continue up and up.

Photographers were already setting up for sunset. This spot faces west with Ap Lei Chau in the background. They still have some time to wait.

The trail becomes more rugged and staircases disappear until reaching the helipad, which opens up to the east. Ocean Park's cable cars pass below while you enjoy views of Repulse Bay and Stanley beyond.

A paved staircase leads further up to the telecommunications tower. The view isn't too much more different here so if you are tired, don't bother making this last stage.

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