Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Admiralty

Admiralty was once a military base to safeguard the Crown Colony. The navy controlled the harbourfront, and the army barracks were built uphill. Today, it is an extension of Central, with upscale shopping and office towers.

Completed in 1988, the twin-towered Lippo Centre was built by an Australian architect who wanted the facade to resemble a koala bear climbing a tree trunk.

Admiralty is a major train interchange, with a new line being built from here to the suburbs.

The Central Government Headquarters sits on what was once a military dockyard under British rule, the Tamar. In addition to government offices, there is also a nice park that stretches all the way to the harbourfront.

Further reclamation is under way to supposedly keep the harbourfront a public space. However, this small section has been cordoned off for military use.

Otherwise, it is possible to walk from here all the way to the Star Ferry's pier in Central.

The office district is also slowly moving east. Pacific Place 3 is a bit further out from the other buildings, but is connected underground through a long tunnel.

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