Hong Kong Photo Gallery - 2022 Art Exhibitions

SOMEWHERE IN TIME | A Solo Art Exhibition By LeE-papa (October)

Local illustrator LeE-papa started painting Hong Kong's historic buildings in 2019. He has showcased his digital art on Facebook and Instagram and 17 works are on display at this exhibition.

SUB(X)TURE! K11 Art Mall (August - September)

Hong Kong's streets are full of visual distractions from neon lights to graffiti advertisements. This multimedia exhibition displays various works from 6 artists.

Polly Chan has created neon signs featuring Cantonese slangs.

Caricuratist Elphonso Lam has illustrated classic local comedies.

Animator DaddyBoy has created a cyberpunk VR game space.

Ernest Chang has created a McCafe right at the entrance.

A plumber who paints his ads around the city has collaborated with LALAMOVE on the other side of the entrance.

K11 Musea Art Karnival Tour (July - September)

K11 Musea is a combination of museum and shopping mall, with a number of artworks exhibited throughout the building. Since its opening, the mall has hosted regular art tours, and the 2022 summer edition featured a subset of what's on display during the 45 minute session.

David Altmejd's "The Eve" explores the relationship between the body and architecture.

Sterling Ruby's "CDCR" is made from layers of liquid urethane that solidifies in 30 minutes and is meant to challenge the government's social controls.

Joyce Wang's "Dockside Diary" is an ice-cream shop with a harbour view. It is made with terrazzo, a material commonly found in older tenement buildings' staircases with a smooth finishing.

Don Diablo's "Hexaverse" represents a door to the metaverse.

The centerpiece is hung above the atrium. Chiharu Shiota's work includes red papers with people's hopes for the future written on them. Within these messages are boats that symbolize the uncertain path to move forward.

John Baldessari's "Beethoven's Trumpet" consists of a fiberglass ear and a bronze trumpet. It actually produces a clip of Beethoven's work if you talk to it.

Adrian Wong's "Wun Dun" is a re-creation of a traditional nightclub.

Zhang Enli re-created his studio after he graduated from college when he was a resident at the Royal Academy School in 2018.

Julie & Jesse's "A Pair of Terra Mobile" is inspired by the Tiger Balm Gardens with mountains and rocks with a base carpet from Tai Ping, a famous local firm.

Martin Margiela's "Red Nails Model" criticizes artificial female beauty and how it exploits women.

Behind it but not on the official tour is Sterling Ruby's other creation - "Drag On".

The tour finishes at another art exhibition, "Art, But Can You Eat It? Question Reality at Cake Illusions Showcase!" It consists of a long table that has been set for a meal, but you have to guess which objects are actually cakes. There are 13 illusion cakes along the 6m-long table.

You can also vote amongst these options which one you think is a real cake, and the winner will be cut to see if you're right.

Next to it, Erwin Wurm's "One Minute Sculptures" consists of everyday objects that you can use to turn into a work of art. Suggested poses are also included on the ground.

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Viva! River (May)

Various artworks depicting district history and culture were placed along the Tuen Mun River from 6 local artist groups.

"Double Teaseat" represents bamboo steamers to create your yum cha dim sum delicacies.

"Welcome Home" represents living in harmony and building a beautiful community together.

"Hoho Hehe Haha Valley" depicts 3 natural elements - river, tree, and mountain.

"Hung Kiu"

"Infinite Legends of Tuen Mun" drew inspiration from residents' memories and imagination, resulting in 6 bronze sculptures.

"Meowy Go Round the River" is inspired by our harmonious relationship with cats. The clay sculptures are decorated with different knitted clothes.

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Life in Hong Kong in 1969 (Feb & Mar)

Redge Solley arrived in Hong Kong in 1969 and was fascinated by this place, and he captured these photos of daily life that seem a world away from what we experience today.

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