Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Bride's Pool

Located in Plover Cove Country Park outside Tai Po's suburban towers, Bride's Pool is a very easy-to-access waterfall with a few historic villages nearby that can make a good day-long hike.

On Sundays and public holidays, KMB runs route 275R from Tai Po Market MTR station to the area at frequent intervals. Get off at Bride's Pool, which is almost at the end, and you can access the nature trail's 2 entrances ahead or behind you.

I chose to start at the northern entrance, which is ahead of the public toilet next to the bus stop and past a rest pavilion.

The entrance is quite noticeable.

The trail begins at the top of the waterfall and heads downhill. The river feeding it didn't have that much water, likely due to it being the tail end of the dry season.

The trail then heads downhill towards the water level.

At the junction, turn right into a dirt path that will lead you to the river, starting at a small set of falls. Climb up the rocks and follow upstream towards the grand prize.

There is no defined trail from here, but the rocks are not too steep so hiking upstream is fairly manageable. Keep an eye for algae on the rocks and avoid stepping on it.

Legend has it Bride's Pool was named after a bride who drowned here after servants dropped her sedan chair into the water on the way to the groom during a storm. Her heavy wedding decor sealed her fate, and her body was never found. This place is believed to be one of the city's most haunted places.

While I saw a few swimmers in the pool heading towards the waterfall's base for that spectacular photo, there are signs indicating swimming is actually not allowed here.

Return the way you came back to the junction, turning right and continuing downhill to the stone bridge, which was built in 1906 to connect 2 villages in the area.

Don't cross the bridge. Note the sign to Chiu Keng Tam, which is home to an even bigger waterfall.

Chiu Keng Tam, or Mirror Pool, feeds from a 35m waterfall.

After enjoying the view, return the way you came, cross the stone bridge, and turn right into the barbecue area. Follow the steps back up towards the main road for the buses.

This trail is short so you will have time to further explore the area. If you like historic villages, you can extend your hike to Wu Kau Tang and Lai Chi Wo. Having been to both places before, I opted to make a 4km walk to Tai Mei Tuk and take the cheaper 75K bus back to Tai Po. Along the way, there are small parks with views of the Plover Cove Reservoir, although most were cordoned off due to the pandemic.

As of early April 2022, the reservoir was at about 54% capacity.

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