Major Bus Events in 2023 (1st Half) - Full-Body Livery Vehicles

Here is a compilation of full-body livery buses running on the streets this spring.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Wild boar interactions with people have increased in recent years and they are a common sight along popular hiking trails. Their population is estimated to be around 2-3000, with adult males that can grow up to 200kg and run at 40km/h. The government has embarked on an advertising campaign to not feed these wild animals to prevent foraging and accidents.

Queen's Hill is a new public housing estate in Fanling. Isolated from the main rail line, residents rely on buses to reach the train station or the city.

COLLAR is a girl band from ViuTV, with one of their group members featured on this KMB bus.

NWFB also has them featured on one of their buses as well.

The UNO card game is featured on this bus as part of KMB's 90th birthday festivities.

KMB has launched a number of new routes connecting Tseung Kwan O in recent times.

Major Bus Events in 2023
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