Major Bus Events in 2023 (1st Half) - An Extended Route 20

Route 20 previously terminated at Island Harbourview near Olympic station. The route was reorganized to extend to Hoi Tat as its new bus terminus opened on April 23, eliminating the Island Harbourview stop, although the total fare remains the same. This route is priced significantly cheaper than KMB's 13D and 16 bound for Kowloon City.

Here are some photos of route 20's Island Harbourview terminus that has become history.

Here are more photos of buses running this route but with the old destination signs that will become part of history.

After the extension, buses will no longer run here and turn.

They also won't run along this narrow road next to the Island Harbourview estate.

Here are some photos of the first day running the new extended route at Hoi Tat.

Major Bus Events in 2023
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