Major Bus Events in 2023 (2nd Half) - 22R (5 August)

Royal Caribbean's Spectrum of the Seas returned to the city on August 4 after an 18 month break during COVID, when the government ended all cruises as the 5th wave came in January 2022. From December 2024 onwards, this ship will move its home port to Hong Kong. Able to host over 5600 passengers, the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal isn't well connected to the rest of the city, a complaint that has stood since it opened in 2013. Citybus launched a special route 22R for the 2 days the ship is in port, offering an express service to Kai Tak Station. Costing $7.7, it is substantially more expensive than the slower alternatives, 22 and 22M, that also reach the cruise terminal.

Citybus passenger notice

Having arrived at lunch time, I realized I came too late as the tourist crowds probably left for the city a bit earlier in the morning. The cruise terminal was quiet although there was a line for taxis but few vehicles coming in.

I didn't even see any signs for 22R and it is not listed in the next departures.

With the press reporting transport woes that weekend, the government stepped in and announced on August 8 that route 22R will be free of charge from the next day, operating to Kai Tak station from 9:15 to 11:45am, and running in the opposite direction from 3 to 5:30pm. Taxi drivers will receive $50 LPG cash coupons for coming into the cruise terminal.

The Spectrum of the Seas returned to Hong Kong on August 19. Expecting some 4500 passengers and learning from earlier mistakes, the government brought in many more shuttle buses to take visitors to the key tourist areas, not just the 22R service to Kai Tak station.

Major Bus Events in 2023
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