Major Bus Events in 2023 (2nd Half) - August Bus Retirements

Long Win Bus's Dennis Enviro 500, numbered 803, has become a popular target among bus fans lately as it approached retirement. Running various airport and Tung Chung routes, it served E32A on August 9.

Shortly after 803's retirement, 2 other Volvo B9TLs, one in Long Win colours and the other in the old KMB gold livery, would also meet the same fate. Both buses ran route 28B on August 14, both their final week of service before their registrations expire.

I also caught a glimpse of a third Volvo B9TL, this time running 5D, but it has a few more months to go with its registration due to expire in early 2024.

28B runs a loop between Kai Tak and Choi Fook via Kwun Tong. I walked uphill to the other end of the route with plenty of time to spare for the bus to make its way here.

With a few successful spotting attempts, I went hunting for more retiring Volvo B9TLs afterwards. I caught sight of these vehicles running on routes 21 and 2B on August 16.

I headed to Tsing Yi on August 18 and found a few older vehicles close to retirement. This first two are Dennis Enviro 500 whose registration will end in February 2024.

The next one is also a Dennis Enviro 500 parked nearby for a break. Its registration will end in October.

Heading down to Cheung On Estate's bus terminus, I caught the tail end of yet another Dennis Enviro 500 whose registration will end in August.

Heading back south, I spotted this Volvo B9TL at Olympic station running route 16. Its registration will end in September.

Continuing to Tsim Sha Tsui, this Volvo B9TL will also retire in September.

Major Bus Events in 2023
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