Major Bus Events in 2023 (2nd Half) - Shatin Depot Open Day

KMB hosted an open day at its Shatin Depot for a family outing and recruiting new staff. Held at the rooftop open deck, they placed a few old and new vehicles on display, as well as a souvenir shop. To get there, they offered a free shuttle bus ST1 from their street-level entrance through its depot to the roof, passing through the double decker bus cleaning machine along the way.

There was also a 90R bus to Shatin railway station, charging $4.8.

The 2 bus routes head up to the roof and drop off passengers at a cordoned-off area to explore the bus displays. The event had to be paused briefly during the morning as a severe rainstorm swept through the city, with the observatory hoisting a yellow rain warning.

About half the roof was used for the event, with the other parts of the depot continuing its regular functions.

On one side, there were 4 buses on display :
- promotion bus with 13 holidays where kids can ride for free
- Volvo Super Olympian that recently retired
- new electric bus
- a preserved Daimler E that was manufactured in 1971

On the other side of the depot are 3 electric buses, with 1 open for visits.

Major Bus Events in 2023
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