Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Causeway Bay

While Causeway Bay is known for shopping and expensive rents, it is also a residential district above the stores.

After 25 years in the city, HMV abruptly closed its doors in late 2018 as it faced lawsuits from landlords and creditors. It could not cope or adjust to the shift to online streaming.

Fashion Walk is a shopping and eating destination immersed in a residential area.

In recent years, the influx of shoppers from mainland China have pushed out local retailers and restaurants. In their place are drug stores catering to tourists and big international chains.

The Excelsior Hotel stands on the 1st plot of land sold by the British colonial government. Opened in 1973, the owners will close the hotel in March 2019 to redevelop the site into offices.

While Causeway Bay's typhoon shelter waterfront is nowhere as nice as Tsim Sha Tsui or Central, it is worth a stop for the skyline view. The occupant profile has changed from fishing boats and sampans to many luxury yachts today.

Every day at noon, the naval gun is fired into the harbour by a Jardine employee. This tradition is said to have originated when a Royal Naval Officer didn't like staff firing shots when their company boss sailed into the harbour, and the daily salute was imposed on them as punishment.

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